our story

A little history from humble beginnings to agency life.

BALTIMORE beginnings - josh allen designs and 1ne creative

It all started in 2003 when Josh Allen began a search for a design company to work on one of his music projects. After days of searching and not finding the right fit, he decided to design his own project using Macromedia Fireworks and Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator. His extensive history in art paid off, and the project turned out to be a success. He created Josh Allen Designs soon after.

The small start-up handled flyer design projects for local promoters in Baltimore. An increase in other small projects such as restaurant menu design, logo design, and flash websites became routine, and Josh Allen Designs thrived for several more years. 

Moving into the agency mindset would prove to be a journey full of ups and downs in the following years. In 2012, Josh launched 1NE Creative Agency with two partners, employing a staff of seven. Built around Josh Allen’s graphic design, the company saw steady growth despite a brutal regional economic climate. After gaining the proper experience needed and learning from the hard lessons that business teaches, 1NE Creative Agency was ready for a location change. 


In early 2014, the company relocated to Asheville NC under the new name Allen & Banasky Agency. This transition kickstarted what would soon become Level Creativ Agency. A&B was short-lived due to the relocation of Banasky. The team scrambled, but after days of brainstorming, the name Level Creativ was born. 

The name Level Creativ comes from our desire to take design and marketing to the next level through creativity. Josh Allen’s design work and his ambition to excel was the constant since day one. He has lasted in this industry because of his proficiency for design and a long list of impressive logos, branding, websites, and other marketing projects.

a graphic design of the outside of a teal colored building with snow falling

the new level

Expansion to FULL AGENCY and major change 2017

In August 2017, Level Creativ LLC was reformed, implementing the Agency to align the brand with its original vision. Josh assembled a new team of talented creators through a process of careful selection, and a new partner came on board in Jan 2018. Level Creativ Agency grew from an in-office team of six employees to eleven. Level Creativ Agency is now located in the heart of downtown Asheville, offering premier design to any business that wants to stand out.



We are currently adding a new visual media studio located on Tunnel Road that will handle client commercial and video production. Level Creativ Agency will also be adding a recording studio and editing production suite at this location.

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If you’re shopping around for your new start-up, an existing business thinking about a re-brand, or adding to what you already have, then give us a shout using the “get started” form. We will call you shortly after, talk briefly about your ideas, then schedule a free consultation.